‘Man of Arran’

A love letter to humanity from a wise man.

Paddy Conaghan - Man of Arran.

Paddy from the outside may seem like your average pensioner, but in following his journey we soon realised not all is what it seems.

Paddy was born on the small island of Arranmore off the coast of Co.Donegal, Ireland. Paddy, now at the age of 82 has embarked on a mission to raise funds and most importantly awareness for mental health. Having picked one mental health charity in each of Ireland's provinces along with the RNLI, as he says they are his insurers.

His challenge sees him attempting to swim at every beach on the Island of Ireland over a 4 month period, by the way there’s well over 500!... Adding to the difficulty he also decided to do this during the winter, braving Ireland's notorious cold and unpredictable weather conditions.

When asked why he picked the winter to do this challenge and not the summer, Paddy replied "if I do it in the summer it's only a holiday!"

As we travel with him, we learn about the many life experiences that have brought him from humble beginnings and a lust for adventure to this challenge, as he revisits these memories with stories. Some humorous, some sad and others bordering legality!

Since beginning his journey, Paddy has raised €126,208.60 for Gemmas Legacy of Hope, The RNLI, PIPS, Accessible Counselling Tullamore, Lisheens House Suicide Prevention Service, and Mindspace Mayo.

Paddy Conaghan.
Paddy's Ice Bath.
Paddy on the Ropes.


Man of Arran is a love letter to humanity from a wise man.

In step with these times and in tune with his environment: - it’s a homage to the craggy, rugged, wild Irish coastline. A gentle celebration of empathy and humility from an 82 year old swimmer pushing himself to impossible lengths in communion with nature and with compassion for the grief of a friend.

There are no stereotypes or cliches that chime effectively with this film but to connect with a few…

It is uplifting, inspiring and beautiful.

Film Details

  • Title Man Of Arran
  • Year 2023
  • Director/Producer Paul McCambridge
  • Executive Producer Donal Macintyre
  • Country Ireland
  • Duration 20 Mins